Project Description

Pride-asap is a library written in Java that provides a uniform annotation of identified spectra stored in PRIDE. The application can be ran in a command line mode for automated processing of multiple PRIDE experiments, but also has a graphical user interface that allows end users to annotate the spectra in PRIDE experiments and to inspect the results in detail.


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Download pride-asa-pipeline 1.5.11 here.

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The pride-asa-pipeline jar file and all the libraries needed to run the tool. Double clicking this resulting jar file will start the pipeline. See the manual for additional information on how to run and configure the pipeline.

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Please report any issues or requests in the issues section. We will attempt to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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The pride-asa-pipeline makes use of compomics-utilities.

You might also find some of the following projects interesting: Peptizer, dbtoolkit, ms-lims, Rover and PeptideShaker.

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Project Support

The pride-asa-pipeline project is grateful for the support by:

Compomics VIB Ghent University
compomics vib ugent

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IntelliJ Netbeans Java Maven
intellij netbeans java maven

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