Latest version: 1.2.1

The CompOmics Pladipus system is an affordable cluster computing framework allowing for distributed processing, management and analyses for bio-informatics pipelines.


Proteomics bioinformatics contributes to the ever improved characterization of proteomes, but this novel and detailed knowledge comes at the cost of increased computational complexity. Data intensive problems can be solved by parallelization across machines, a strategy termed distributed computing. However, setting up and maintaining a distributed computing infrastructure requires resources not necessarily available to all research groups.

Here, we propose a free framework named Pladipus facilitating the establishment of such a distributed computing network for proteomics bioinformatics tools. Pladipus can straightforwardly be installed and operated thanks to its user friendly graphical interface, allowing complex bioinformatics tasks to be easily run on a network instead of a single computer. As a result, any scientist can benefit from the increased computational efficiency provided by distributed computing, hence empowering them to tackle more complex bioinformatics challenges. Notably, it enables the large scale reprocessing of publicly available data, supporting the scientific community in mining these for novel discoveries.

To start using Pladipus please see the Pladipus wiki.


Pladipus can be installed in a variety of ways. We strongly recommend using the installer. In case your machine does not provide a graphical user interface and can thus not display the installer, we also provide an OS-independent pre-configured installer here. Unzip it in your user home folder and you’re ready to go!.


The pladipus logo was created by Elodie Adam