Project Description

The dbtoolkit application enables easy manipulation of fasta sequence database in a user-friendly environment. Sequence databases can be merged, shuffled, truncated, etc… Furthermore, for more experienced users, the Java API provides a well documented and easy-to-use environment for customized fasta database manipulations.


Martens et al. DBToolkit: processing protein databases for peptide-centric proteomics. Bioinformatics (2005) vol. 21 (17) pp. 3584-5 (pid: 16030071)

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Download version 4.2.5 of dbtoolkit 2.0 as a zip file here.

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See the usage file for additional information on how to use the library.

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Project Support

The dbtoolkit project is grateful for the support by:

Compomics VIB Ghent University
compomics vib ugent

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IntelliJ Netbeans Java Maven
intellij netbeans java maven

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