Project Description

IceLogo builds on probability theory to visualize significant conserved sequence patterns in multiple peptide sequence alignments against background (reference) sequence sets that can be tailored to the studied system and the used protocol. The unique advantages of iceLogo compared to other sequence logo creating tools is that iceLogo has a more dynamic nature and is more correct and complete in the analysis of conserved sequence patterns.

Colaert and Helsens et al. Improved visualization of protein consensus sequences by iceLogo. Nature methods (2009) vol. 6 (11) pp. 786-7 ([ pid: 19876014])

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IceLogo Server

The iceLogo web application is hosted on The iceLogo server project can be found here.

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Download iceLogo here.

Example Files

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Download the manual here.

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Project Support

The iceLogo project is grateful for the support by:

Compomics VIB Ghent University
compomics vib ugent

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IntelliJ Netbeans Java Maven
intellij netbeans java maven

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