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Pladipus issues

I’m using a template, but I don’t see a new run appear

Please verify that the run you are trying to create has a different name from existing ones for your user account. Otherwise, new jobs will get added to the existing run.

I have created a run, why aren’t the workers starting it?

Upon creation, a run is put on hold. If you want to launch it, please open the management console, right click the run(s) that need to be started and press “start”.

ActiveMQ issues

ActiveMQ can not be reached

You can verify this by connection to the IP of the connector at port 8161 in a browser, for example : When you see you are able to connect OR the website prompts you for credentials, the ActiveMQ console is running. See the ActiveMQ installation manual for more details…

Is the host specified in the activemq.xml localhost or ? Then replace this with the actual IP of the machine hosting the server to allow external connections.

MySQL issues

Database is not being imported, despite having a connection'

This can potentially be due to the provided account not having the correct privileges. This can be resolved by executing the following query on your MySQL instance :

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON pladipus.* TO '[user_name]'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION;

java.sql.SQLException: Unknown system variable 'language'

This error is due to a bug in the MySQL software prior to the 5.5.x versions. Please upgrade your MySQL version. For more details, please refer to the MySQL installer manual.

java.sql.SQLException: Unknown system variable 'lower_case_table_names'

This error can occur on MySQL versions 5.5.x and up. It is commonly solved by adding the following lines into the my.ini file.



For more information, please refer to the MySQL installer manual.

My problem is not yet listed here

In order to determine the cause of the problem, please go through the following checklist :

Other issues

The following topics might help you to identify problems :

  • Does the controller/database server/activeMQ server allow connections on the specified hosts/ports?
  • Is a firewall blocking traffic?
  • Do all machines in the network pool have internet access and can they reach the controller?
  • Does the user running pladipus have adequate user privileges, for example to create a new file?
  • Not receiving run completion notifications? Did you provide a valid e-mail address?
  • Are the database settings that are declared in the file correct?
  • Does your database account have full privileges on the database?
  • Was the Pladipus database schema correctly initiated during the installation?