Latest updates :

Here you can find a brief overview of the current and past updates. It is recommended to use only the latest version.


  • Refactor of communication to the ActiveMQ server when pushing jobs to the queue. The issue caused by excessive numbers of tasks being pushed simultanuously causing the server to run out of connections has been resolved


  • Complete refactor of error handling increasing the overall system stability
  • It is now possible to force jobs to be run in a specified order by adding the “chain=true” flag in the template XML example :
<template run='Pladipus_demo' user='pladmin' priority='4' chain='true'>
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Major update in processing engine, subprocesses are now killed on fail
  • Several bug fixes in communication with the ActiveMQ server
  • Added support for MoFF (/projects/moFF)


  • Fixed incompatibility issue with the new PeptideShaker format (.cpsx)


  • Changed the installation path to not use “.compomics”. This way, the folder should be visible upon installation even on Linux machines
  • Further fixes in the PeptideShakerFollowUpStep


  • Improved flow for PeptideShaker processes (for example running report then follow up analysis)


  • Added PeptideShakerFollowUpStep (for example to extract non-validated spectra)
  • Various GUI fixes in the installer
  • Updated the link to ActiveMQ to be stored on Genesis


  • Fixed a bug in the run creation leading to only the “pladmin” user being able to create runs
  • Added two modes to the installer


  • Major refactor in the queue connections
  • Jobs are now no longer being skipped due to the management console being online
  • Jobs are now handled sequentially


  • Implemented a working example feature
  • New users can be created again
  • Update to make the installer more intuitive


  • Further GUI changes
  • Allow user to specify all command line arguments for a subprocess (for example SearchGUI)
  • Added msConvert


  • Major GUI refactoring
  • Added installer